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Phone:       (407) 694-9954


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Phone:        (407) 637-0482



j.c.' s KIDZ DUDZ was organized to help all children entering foster care with all their necessities in the most time of need. When a child has been removed and placed with a foster family, that child might not have anything with them but the shirt on his/or her back. The removal and placement is a difficult time and can take place at anytime day or night.  Most children that have been removed must leave all of their belongings behind, even that one special toy or thing that helps that children cope with everyday life.

 j.c.' s KIDZ DUDZ was put in place to accommodate the needs of foster parents and children at anytime day or night.   

j.c's KIDZ DUDZ strives to be a continuous support to foster and adoptive families throughout the year. This support extents to all children in the home. All children will get the necessities they need and might even find that one toy or thing to replace the one left behind.

j.c.'s KIDZ DUDZ needs help to fill the shelves with clothing, supplies and all necessities for these children. Your donation will help make the difficult transition a child makes into foster care a better one.


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